Why Don't SMBs Run Cash Analytics?
the problem for SMBs
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Why Don't SMBs Run Cash Analytics?
Daily Cash Management Proces
Complex analytics used to identify the true cash
of a company typically requires too much time
and money for SMBs.

Existing solutions are (i) too limited in their functionality or
overly complex, (ii) require too much training and support,
or (iii) provide little to no guidance on how to build and
maintain a best practices cash management solution.
SMBs need a solution that automatically aggregates data from multiple banks to save time, validates and
backs-up information constantly, and organizes the data to provide intelligent and actionable reporting …
thus moving the user directly to the decision phase of the cash management cycle.
To learn more, request a copy
of our white paper on using
analytics in the daily cash
management process:
Defining Analytics for Daily
Cash Management using
Cash Analytics™